I had the opportunity to collaborate with Plandek, a data analytics company based in the UK that uses data science to help organisations optimise their software delivery process. With over seven years of growth and success, Plandek was ready to refresh their web app and improve existing features to better communicate the value of their metrics.

Creative Field:

Analytics and Research, Information architect, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Interface Design, High Fidelity Design

To accomplish this, I worked with the Plandek staff to conduct content design and information architecture workshops. This enabled us to rearticulate the story required to communicate with a diverse range of customers with unique use cases from a variety of global industries. We identified the key pain points and challenges that Plandek’s users faced during this process and used this information to create user-centric wireframes.

From there, I created high-fidelity interfaces that were not only visually appealing but also intuitive and simple to use. I also conducted research and created a design system to ensure the app’s consistency and efficiency.

I produced animated prototypes that illustrated the functionality and flow of the new features in order to bring the designs to life. This allowed us to test and fine-tune the design before implementing it.

This project resulted in an amazing app that unlocked the power of metrics and empowered users to make better decisions. The collaborative effort between the enthusiastic Plandek team and myself demonstrated the importance of teamwork and the creative process. Overall, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Plandek and assist them in improving their app to better serve their users.