DebugBear is a website performance monitoring tool that allows customers to track their website’s Lighthouse scores and Core Web Vitals in seconds. The customer contacted me with the request to redesign their current application and provide interfaces for their new features. The client’s goal was to create a basic design that highlighted their essential service and guided people through the process of using it.

Creative Field:

Analytics and Research, Information architect, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Interface Design, High Fidelity Design

To start the project, I performed extensive research on the current application and user requirements. To discover the pain points in the present design, I studied input from the users and competitors’ services. This research helped me in understanding the consumers’ needs and creating an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Following the completion of the research phase, I created a design approach that emphasised minimalism, simplicity, and usability. I developed a set of design guidelines that guided the application’s development. These principles included using a basic and easy-to-use design, clear and succinct language, and focusing on the service’s main capabilities.

The design process then began, with wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes. This method allowed me to evaluate the application’s functionality and usability before committing to a final design. I used user feedback to improve the design and iterated until I had a workable prototype that fulfilled the client’s specifications.

The next stage of the project means creating the application’s visual design. I developed a design system including typeface, colour, and iconography rules. The graphic design was created to represent the application’s basic and user-friendly approach. To get a modern and professional style and feel, I utilised a minimal colour scheme of blue and white.

The new design is more user-friendly and intuitive, which led to more user engagement and satisfaction. The customer was satisfied with the project’s conclusion and noted an increase in user engagement and satisfaction following the introduction of the revised application.

"I hired Octavian to redesign our web application. It's made a huge difference in giving our website a more professional appearance and making it easier to use. Octavian works quickly and delivers results that look not only look great but also deliver a better user experience than my mockups."

Matt Z. | Founder